SODECON is an innovative, knowledge-based company specialising in soil remediation providing consultants, developers, industrialists, and private individuals with lasting, economic solutions to their soil issues.

Newsletter 2016 / 4
2nd opinion

To establish the best remediation concept, a second independent opinion is generally required. SODECON thus offers design offices, consultancy firms, and those with the problems, its unique expertise in the form of a second opinion.

Feasibility study

Prior to the actual soil remediation works, the competent authorities often schedule a so-called feasibility study. Thanks to its strategic approach, SODECON develops and executes such targeted feasibility studies, ranging from limited laboratory tests to full-scale pilot trials on site.

Soil remediation

SODECON has over 15 years' practical experience as a soil remediation contractor in remediation and redevelopment of contaminated land, and strives to accomplish the remediation within the shortest time possible and at the lowest cost.

Technology development

Based on its scientific expertise, SODECON continually strives to find clear improvements in current soil remediation techniques to optimise their efficacy and durability. SODECON also endeavours to discover innovative soil remediation techniques to treat soil contamination for which conventional techniques are inadequate.