Newsletter 2023 - 10
2nd opinion

The best remediation strategy for a site is not always clear. Especially for complex sites, it can be helpful so look for external advise. SODECON provides its unique expertise in the form of a second opinion.

Feasibility study

In order to develop an in situ remediation approach for a site, it can be useful to perform site specific tests to maximize the success rate of the remediation. With a strategic approach, SODECON develops and performs feasibility studies, ranging from limited laboratory tests to pilot tests on site.

Soil and groundwater remediation

SODECON has over 15 years of practical experience as a contractor in remediation and redevelopment of contaminated land and groundwater, and aims to bring remediation projects to closure within the shortest time possible and at the lowest cost.

Our mission

Use and development of innovative techniques with better efficiency and/or less environmental impact
Development of a unique approach for each individual project
Strong focus on high quality projects and a good relationship with the client and the consultant
Welfare, safety and health of our employees are key priorities

Technology development

Based on its scientific expertise, SODECON is continually looking for improvements of current soil and groundwater remediation techniques to optimize their efficacy and sustainability. SODECON is also looking for innovative solutions to tackle contamination problems that cannot be treated sufficiently with conventional techniques.